• HS Update

    Posted January 1, 2019

    THREE(3), yes THREE State CHAMPIONS- 

    Anthony D’Alesio - 182 lbs

    Nick Crawford- 195 lbs  

    Tyler Stein 2x Champion- 220lbs


    CONGRATS to our High School State Qualifiers- Nick Barber (106), David Reinhart (160), Ben Cutrer (170), Anthony D'Alesio (182), Nick Crawford (195), & Tyler Stein (220).  The team finished District runners-up and the boys will compete in Columbus starting Thursday, March 7th  

    Congrats to the HS Team for winning the Sectional Title.  The team had 13 District qualifiers including SEVEN Champions.



PRE-PRACTICE: * Please Discuss with your wrestler *

1. Go to the bathroom. No restroom breaks at practice.

2. Pack Headgear, Wrestling Shoes, and Water. Headgear and wrestling shoes must be worn at practice. Wrestling shoes should only be worn on the wrestling mat - NOT OUTDOORS - this keeps the mats clean. Also, the water fountain is not accessible during practice.

NOTE: Name should be on headgear, shoes, and water bottle.

3. Wear shirt and shorts. Singlets are for matches.


1. BE ON TIME. This means enough time to get your shoes on and be ready to go at 6:00.

2. RESPECT. We do not tease or bully others. This will not be tolerated and could be cause for expulsion without refund. Coaches are to be addressed as Coach, not by first names.

3. LISTEN. We have many bodies and limited time. We cannot be repeating directions 3 & 4 times. When Coach Talks - No one else is talking.

4. VISUALIZE. Picture yourself doing the moves the coach is showing.

5. REPEAT. Repeat the moves the coach has shown. Start slow then repeat them faster.

6. Be a good Partner. A wrestler is only as good as his drill partner who helps him.

7. HUSTLE. Many matches are won by out hustling your opponents and all matches are won by hustling in the wrestling practice room.

8. NO Leaving the wrestling room. Kids are not allowed in the weight room. Storage rooms, coaches offices and weight room are off limits.

9. Keep your belongings neatly stacked in the bleachers, not stewn all over.

10. No ropes or chin-up bars without coach permission and supervision.

11. No climbing or kicking off wall mats - this will permanently damage them.


1. Take A Shower. Prevent any type of skin infection and colds by scrubbing up (lots of bubbles!) with an anti-bacterial soap.

2. Treat any cuts or scrapes with medicine. Stop small problems from becoming big ones.

3. Any skin rashes should be reported to the coach immediately.

4. Check nails. Be neatly trimmed to prevent any cuts or scratches. No sharp edges.

5. VISUALIZE. As you lay in bed, think about the moves you practiced and the matches you wrestled. Imagine yourself hitting the moves just like coach shows them. This will make you a better wrestler.


1. Bring all your equipment, wear your singlet and team shirt (Name or initials on everything).

2. Keep your shirt on to keep your muscles warm.

3. Stay with your team mates so you can get weighed in.

4. Lace your shoes up after weigh-ins.

5. Drill your moves during warm-up time.

6. Warm-up before you wrestle - keep shirt on, do jumping jacks or stance drills.

7. Wrestle hard - HUSTLE

8. Never quit - many, many wrestlers have come back and won.

9. Listen to your coach, try what he tells you.


To be a good wrestler, you need to listen, learn, practice and wrestle. If you break the rules or disrupt practice, you will be asked to sit down. Continued problems could lead to removal from team.


Ethan Fletcher

OWYA Champ

They are there for the Good and the Bad

Making New Friends

Hard Work

Reaching your Goals

David Crawford

2x HS State Champion

Georgio Poullas

2016 HS State Champion

Tyler Stein

2018 HS State Champion

Nick Crawford

2016 OAC JH State Champion